The Kaalmegh

In the heart of nature with state of the art modern amenities, Kaalmegh Villas and Country Club provides unparalleled luxury.

Bangladesh's first country club is equipped with everything from a massive library to a gigantic gym, during your stay you can experience horse riding, yoga, swimming and so much more. Situated in the edge of Kaalmegha Reserve Forest in Sreepur, Gazipur, Kaalmegh Villas and Country Club constitutes of 65 luxurious duplex pool villas with a magnificent Country Club in its Centre.

Kaalmegh Country Club
At the Kaalmegh Country Club, situated at the centre of the villas, you can take your golf clubs for a swing at the range, or your fishing rods to the club’s fishing pond. Maybe even take the kids to the tree house, or rediscover childhood as you climb up the ladders of nostalgia.

If you are worried about missing a day at the gym and ruining your routine; there is a fully equipped gym, a sauna, steam, jacuzzi, spa, and an Olympic size swimming pool.

The Country Club is just a two minute walk away from the villas. WIth facilities to ensure parking for all the guests you bring along, both around the Country Club and at other spots within the gated community. The fully equipped club requires you to only bring your presence for you to enjoy all its amenities.
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An astounding 200’ by 52’ golfing range awaits for your visit to the country club. We have you covered with experienced coaches, training programs and tournaments. Whether you are looking forward to exploring a new hobby or rekindling your love for the sport, the Country Club is the perfect place for you. Meet like minded individuals and find your golfing rivals here.
Swimming Pool
The olympic sized swimming pool is perfect for taking a relaxing dip with an elegant ambiance all around you. The swimming pool is one of the most relaxing corners at the club, perfect for leaving behind the city stress and toil. Put your shades on, grab a juice and float on top of the clean blue waters of the pool at the Country Club.

Outdoor BBQ Grill

Not feeling like grabbing a meal at the international standard restaurants in the Country Club? No problem, we will set up an outdoor BBQ for you to enjoy. Pick a steak, sizzle it to your version of perfect. Play a song, set up a campfire, and let the BBQ Club set you up for nights to remember.

Manicured Lawn

The perfect walking grounds for you and your loved ones. In order for your walks within the Country Club to be perfect we keep them in prime condition. The lush greens, cleared of pesky mosquitoes, will also prove the perfect spot for picnics.